Winter’s Calling

Approaching life to the rhythm of the seasons recalls the dynamic “passage” of our whole existence. We usually associate spring with the blossom of life, summer with life at its peak, autumn with maturity, and winter with the progressive declination of the vital forces.

Winter, as seen this way, seems to give less emotion. This, in part, may be true, due to the achromatic scenes and the cold conditions.

Yet, if you pay attention to its nuances, you will realize that the atmosphere you breathe in the winter season can give something unique capable of warming the soul of those who can look at it with different eyes.

These images represent not only the beauty of the winter landscapes, but also some important elements such as the mystery, the passage, the silence, the expectation … which are hidden in them and thus can only be perceived with attentive soul, evoking “inner motion” that accompanies man in the critical and significant phases of his life.